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Q. What is a consultation visit and why is it necessary?
A. If this is your first time using Canine Concierge’s services, we will need to conduct a preliminary consultation with you and your pet. This consultation is completely complimentary, and is for your pet’s benefit, as much as it is for yours and ours. We ask that you schedule the consultation at least one week prior to the start of the contract/services. At the time of the consultation, we will be happy to discuss our rate plans and packages, the services we offer and answer any questions you have to put your mind at ease. We will discuss your pet’s needs, habits and medical history. Most importantly, we will be able to see how your pet responds to his or her new dog walker! Again, this consultation is for your benefit as well, and upon its conclusion, it is ultimately up to you to decide whether or not you would like to use our services.

Q. Do you need a copy of my house key?
A. When you choose to use Canine Concierge, we offer you the convenience of giving us access to your home/pet at your beck and call by allowing us to retain a copy of your house keys at our office. Your keys will remain in a locked safe and be coded for security purposes. We also ask that you provide us with any security codes of alarm systems you have enabled. We will keep these codes separate from your house keys and coded differently. If there is an emergency where you need us to check on your pet, we will be able to do so. After your initial interview, and upon signing our contract, we will ask you to provide us with two copies of your house key. One will remain in our office and the other with your assigned sitter. After your initial interview, and upon signing our contract, we will ask you to provide us with a copy of your key. Then, whenever you are ready to use our services, we will be ready for you!

There is no fee to get set up.

Q. Are you bonded and insured?
A. Canine Concierge is fully insured through Pet Care Insurance (Pleasant Grove, Utah). You are welcome to request a copy of our policy at any time before or during your service period.

All Canine Concierge dog walkers and pet sitters are employees and are fully insured and bonded under our company policy.  In event of the following, we are covered:

Pet Bites – If your pet bites or injures a person or animal on a walk/visit.

Lost Keys – If a dog walker or pet sitter loses your keys, our insurance will cover new locks.

Property Damage – If damage to your property should occur.

Veterinary Care – If your pet needs veterinary care due to an accident.

Q. Do you carry Workers Compensation Insurance? What does it cover? Why does this matter?
A. All Canine Concierge employees are covered under our Workers Compensation Policy through Hanover Insurance.  Workers compensation is a type of insurance that provides wage replacement and medical benefits to our employee should they be injured on the job.   When you are hiring a pet sitter or dog walker without workers compensation coverage, you are carrying the liability for their mistakes or accidents.  By having coverage under workers compensation policy, an employee is relinquishing their right to sue you for negligence. For example, if you hire an Independent Contractor, you are their employer and you are expected to cover them under a workers compensation policy or ensure they have their own policy.  Without such a policy, if they slip on ice and break their leg while walking your dog, they could sue you for damages with regards to their medical bills and loss of income.

Q. Where did you gain your knowledge and experience with pets?
A. Our knowledge and experience come from the best teachers on this subject—the pets themselves! Although we continuously educate ourselves on pet care, animal behavior, pet first aid, and other research, nothing has prepared us more for the care of your pets than has the care of our own pets. No matter how many books you read on the subject, owning many different types of pets is the best way to gain knowledge, experience and that maternal (or paternal!) instinct that all pets adore!  We invest in our employees by providing them with on-going education via an online course called Fetch Find.  

Q. Can you administer medication to my pets?
A. We are able to administer medication at no additional charge. We will note the time and dosage of the medication on your daily report. We ask that you keep all medications in a room or cabinet that your pet does not have access to at any time. We will discuss your pet’s medical history and medicinal needs during the initial consultation, but we ask that you notify us immediately if any of that information should change.

Q. What is your policy on walking dogs in the cold of winter and heat of summer?
A. Very extreme weather conditions (as we sometimes have in New Jersey) can be dangerous for some dogs, depending on their age and breed.  All of our employees are trained to consider temperature and outdoor conditions, as well as the health of the dog, before taking them outside. In the heat, asphalt temperatures can quickly burn a dog’s paws, and in the cold, ice, salt and snow can cause discomfort and pain to a dog’s paw pads.  Lower than 32 degrees, walks will be shortened for the safety and comfort of your pet.  Above a “real feel” temperature of 90 degrees, walks will also be shortened.  Any time that remains will be spent playing indoors or in a shaded area in your yard if available.

Q. What are your business hours?

A. We are available to care for your pets 24/7. We have many different plans to suit your pet care needs. Our office also operates seven days a week and we make every effort to return phone calls and reply to emails within 24 hours.

Q. Do you conduct business on Holidays?
A. Yes. We are available on all major Holidays to care for your pets. There is an additional fee for pet sitting (see Prices/Policies) but there is no additional charge for boarding.

Q. Do you provide any discounts if I have more than one pet under your care?
A. We provide discounts for boarding multiple pets. When you board your dogs with us, you pay full price for the first dog and each additional dog receives a 20% discount. For dog walking and pet sitting in your home, the price is all-inclusive.  You will never pay extra for additional household pets.

Q. What is your reservation and cancellation policy?
A. Ideally, we would like at least one week’s notice before our first visit, during which time we will meet with you and your pet for a complimentary consultation. There is no surcharge for reservations requested within 24 hours of a scheduled visit.  Please keep in mind, we may not be able to accommodate same-day visit requests, so it is always best to book in advance to secure a reservation. Please view our Policies page for information on our cancellation policy.

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